Saturday, December 11, 2004

Washington DC Cover

1 November 2004 - DAR Constitution Hall - Washington, DC

I designed two new covers for Around the Sun shows last night. I haven't seen the Washington DC show around at all on any Bootleg sites but I found the bootleg details on a traders site.

While I'm getting plenty of great shots from people who are going to the shows and taking some fantastic photos there are a couple of problems I'm having with the current design series.

Problem Number 1 - Color
The trouble is the tour uses the same sets, and the same lighting, so after a while all the shows look similar. This is why I was very happy to get some more photos to use recently with some really cool colorful images in them.

Problem Number 2 - Group shots
The other problem is that band members are spread out across the stage and it seems getting photos (in focus) of them standing together has been difficult. Recently though, more have surfaced that I'm thrilled about.

Design Notes

I got these great shots of Mike Mills, Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey and Mike Mantione (of support group Five-Eight). The photo was taken from the 28th November 2004 show at Kiva Auditorium, Albuquerque, and Five-Eight weren't the support act at the DC show. Now, no offence to Mr Mantione but I did remove him from the cover with a little Photoshop magic.

I also copied a light that was in between Mike and Peter and added it to the right hand side next to Scott because it looked like it was a bit empty and I was trying to draw attention away from the missing musician.

The back cover features Mike Mills getting into it and Michael thinking he's Superman.


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