Saturday, December 11, 2004

Uncasville Cover

November 5, 2004 - Mohegan Sun Arena - Uncasville, CT

This was the second cover I designed on the same night I did the Washington DC one. I like this one for the same reasons as the DC show. It uses more bright, intense colors than some of the previous covers. I've been waiting for the right opportunity to use a few panoramic stage shots and this seemed like the perfect cover for it.

No editing of the photos was required for both the cover and the inlay. The photos basically fell into place perfectly. The label however required a small tweak. The main problem with a CD label is that it has a ruddy great hole in the middle which in almost all cases has some important part of the image land on it no matter how you place the photo. So for the label a little more photoshop work was required to move Petter Buck across so he was on the image area. The missing background was then just cloned in.

Here's some of the feedback it's been getting on the murmurs forum:

Those are beautiful!
-In The Corner

Sibko, that Mohegan one is AWESOME! Dig the blue!

These are just amazing Sibko. AMAZING !!
I was at this show and your covers capture the show exactly.

Thanks to everyone for all the positive feedback, it's much appreciated.


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