Monday, January 10, 2005

Avalon Cover

October 29th, 2003 - Avalon Hollywood Theatre - Hollywood, California

This is another cover from the backlog.

After doing the ATS tour covers I wanted to try a few more abstract designs. I didn't just want to put a stock standard picture of the band on the cover. I wanted to use more unusual but colourful and dynamic poses. So instead of going for full body shots I went for closer cropped images. I found some fantastic photos taken by Lindzi3, who has posted some amazing shots of

On the cover I went for a shot of Peter Buck that has the most vibrant colours and quality to it, it also has a slight natural motion blur. The inlay features a shot of Michael Stipe, also slightly out of focus due to motion bluring. I like this photo not only cause of the intensity of colour but it gets away from the standard concert shots by having Stipe with his hand across his face.

The typography took ages to layout. I kept moving it around and was never really happy with the composition. I think I finally decided on going for a 4 quarter grid layout and added the lines to add more geometrical interest.

Once again I used the justified scaled text to created block text elements that are much easier to work with. (I'm going to stop using this technique for a while as I don't want it to become a trademark of my designs and although I like it I think I'm overusing it.)


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