Sunday, September 04, 2005

Thank You REM

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of working on a tribute site for REM's 25th Anniversary. You can check it out at The site was the concept of Ethan from and programmed by Mihkel and designed by me. The site has proved very popular and as I mentioned previously even got a mention on the official REM web page.

I was thrilled when in a recent post on the band official site Michael Stipe posted a message about 'Thank you REM'. You can see this below and check out the original post here. Michael even posted a photo as a contribution to the project. I've since heard from another source that people at Warner’s loved the site too.

Hey hello were back on tour and rested from the time off. I wanted first to say THANK YOU! to all the people, everyone who worked on it[it's awesome]and then all the posts and photos that you all sent were really great and it made us all really happy—so thanks!----couldn't have done it without you...

So this first pic is in the spirit of , enjoy your summer and I will too.

--michael (05.25.05)

The reason I started doing bootleg cover design is because I wanted to combine two passions, REM and design. To get to the point where I know the guys have seen my work and have given feedback is very gratifying both as a designer and a fan of REM.


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