Friday, April 01, 2005


Another small design projects I did for Murmurs was design a logo for the new Music@Murmurs section. Music@Murmurs is an expansion of the murmurs site that exends to all music news, not just REM. Ethan did a small advertising banner saying it was coming soon and wondered if I could come up with a better design.

First thing I tackled was the logo type. The design formed almost straight away. It was simple and to the point and easy mainly driven by the fact 'Music' and 'Murmurs' where similar structure giving a good symmetrical look either side of the ampersand. I think the logo turned out well. We even applied it to T-Shirts and mugs and have sold a few.

For the T-Shirts I added a slogan which is actually a quote from Michael Stipe, “Let us sort the music from the sound”. I thought this quote was perfect because it embodied what the site was aiming to achieve, ie. sorting through a broad spectrum of music and giving feedback and opinions. Also, as it was a quote from JMS, it linked back to murmurs from which the site evolved.


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