Friday, December 03, 2004

Indianapolis Cover

This one was done in about an hour, so it's a bit of a rush job. The trick with the ATS Tour covers (all covers actually) is to find images for both the front and back that have a 'family feel', meaning that the front and back cover look like they belong together.

I'm not sure where these 2 images came from (I believe off murmurs somewhere) but they work wonderfully together in there simplicity.

New York Cover

This one took a while and the images chopped and changed quite a bit. I had some great images from the NYC show but the problem was they were press photos and I really want to stay away from copyrighted material if I can.

The front cover image is one I got from Endgame (a member of the murmurs forum). The image has been flipped so Stipe's head is in the right place and doesn't cover the text.

The back picture was edited a fair bit too. The shot of the Brooklyn Bridge was used early on, then changed and then changed back. I like to get away from standard band pictures where I can and use other inspiring photography. Famous landmarks in a venue town is always a good place to start. The problem is finding an interesting photo that is good quality and not someones happy snap.