Sunday, December 05, 2004

Salt Lake City Cover

This one was done last night in the little time I had between doing some Christmas shopping and going to see LIVE on the Awake tour.

I had the taper contact me and ask if I'd do up a cover for the show. Even though he's not distributing it yet it's good to know it's out there.

Once again I used a couple more of Joseph Price's fantastic photos from the Salt Lake City show. I actually managed to get all 3 members of the band on this one. It's extremely hard to find good images of them together because they stand so far away from each other on stage. Another reason Josephs' photos are so good is he's got a number of shots looking down stage with both Michael and Peter in frame.

The cover was an easy one to compose and I didn't have to flip the picture this time. Michael's head fitted neatly up to the text. Having a part of the photo breaking out of the photo area is something I've started doing on most of the covers recently. This tends to make the cover more dynamic and adds a bit more interest but it needs the right photos to make it work well.

The inlay was harder mainly due to the fact the CD tracklist break was a bit odd. There were 16 tracks on one disc and only 8 on the second.

With the label I was a bit sneaky and moved Peter Buck across a little so he fitted better onto the image area and didn't disappear down the cd hole.