Sunday, March 26, 2006

Devils and Dust - Bruce Springsteen (concepts) Pt.5

Love, Tears & Mystery - Volume 1

Volume 1 is complete and here's the preview featuring the cover, inlay and label.

The label image that will be downloadable won't have the circles or hole markings. It will be a flat image similar to the cover that only requires you to print it on a sticker or cd.

Progress - All covers and labels are complete. The slow part is the inlays and all the text formatting that they entails. I have finished four of them and will get a few more done tonight.

I still need to start on the booklet for dual disc editions.

Wanted - Melbourne Springsteen DVD

While I have a number of Springsteen fans visiting I should take the opportunity to ask if anyone has the DVD bootleg of 20/03/03 Telstra Dome, Melbourne, Australia show.

It was the only time I got to see Bruce live. I have the audio bootleg and have only just recently discovered there is a DVD version. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be most grateful.

Devils and Dust - Bruce Springsteen (concepts) Pt.4

The covers are coming along. I have finalised all 11 covers for the single disc editions and the 5 dual disc covers. Obviously due to the uneven number of discs both sets will use the same volume 11 cover. Below are the covers in order for the final sets.

SINGLE DISC EDITIONS (click to see enlarged versions)

DUAL DISC EDITIONS (click to see enlarged versions)

The covers are very dark and grungy so you will probably need good printers and quality paper for them to look their best.

There is a Springsteen section on my site now and all covers will go there when they are completed.

Single disc editions have track date and location details on the inlays while dual disc editions will have a booklet with the details in there.

As with all my covers they are done at 200DPI quality with a large amount of bleed and crop marks so they are easy to cut out at the correct size. There is a Print Guide on my site with some notes and software for printing my covers.

Ill be posting the single editions first. They should be finished in 2 days or so.