Friday, January 21, 2005

Covers Preview - European Leg

Finally we are seeing some bootlegs appearing from the European leg with much thanks to Matthijs. I thought I'd better come up with a new cover design. (I've had a whole month off between the US and European legs to design something and I leave it to the last minute :P)

Ok here it is:

As there are a lots of countries I'm going to keep the layout but use colours from the host country flag. The whole concept is based around geography and location.

The cover will feature fantastic photos (thanks to RemFriends) from the European leg and also a map of Europe showing the location of the gig.

The back will feature a shot from the host town or country. As they're playing a lot of famous cities with famous skylines and architecture I thought I'd use it where possible to give a sense of that culture. I can't rule out a twist or two!

The final version of Slovenia should be up this weekend and I'm just waiting on tracklistings for the two other shows (Milan and Zagreb).

The inspiration for these shows came from the Cologne cover I did. I liked it so much I wanted to do more.