Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Single Disc Edition Artwork is Up

Single Disc Coverart

It's now up on my site. Let me know if there are any issues, errors or omissions.


Printing Springsteen Covers (important)

Okay, here's some information on how to print the covers correctly.

COVER - CD covers are 120mm x 120mm with 5mm of bleed around the image making the physical size of the image 130mm x 130mm at a resolution of 200dpi. For full cover dimensions see diagram below.

INLAY - The inlay is 150mm x 117mm with 5mm of bleed around the image making the physical size of the image 160mm x 127mm at a resolution of 200dpi. For full inlay dimensions see diagram below.

With all my covers I include crop marks and bleed. This allows people to trim the artwork after it's been printed to it's exact size and not have any annoying white edges if the cut isn't exact.

The one drawback of this is that some software that takes CD artwork images and automatically scales them to the right size can have trouble with this. Scaling the extra bleed area and crop marks and including them in the print effectively ruins the design. The same goes for some CD labelling software. I'm considering putting cropped versions up on my site as well. Any feedback on the way people print covers would be appreciated.

CROP MARKS - Lines near the margins of artwork or photos indicating where to cut, perforate, or fold.

BLEED - Extra areas of image or colour around/outside and image area to prevent white paper showing if the image is not cut out perfectly.

Most of this information is pulled from my PRINT GUIDE check it out for more information as well as software with built in settings for printing these covers to the exact size.