Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Zaragoza & Glasgow Covers

Now with the tour over I'm slowly getting a chance to catch up on Covers that I either missed or are only just surfacing on the trade scene. Here are the latest two covers in the European series.

The first one is for Zaragoza, Spain. I've been trying for ages to do more covers with Peter on the front. He's featured on a few that have had group shots, but the only cover that 'features' Peter on the cover that comes to mind is Helsinki (and that pic was taken by a pro). The reason for this I think is that the guy never stands still, every fan photo I get is a blur of motion or from a really bad angle.

As you can see from the Zaragoza cover the only time he stops moving is when he’s talking to the band inbetween songs, but I think it’s still a nicely composed shot even if it is of his back, but at least he’s wearing a funky couloured shirt. You can tell I liked it because it’s featured on the back cover as well. No matter what I did I couldn’t find a good public domain image of Zaragoza, I’m having the same trouble with the Brisbane, Australia cover at the moment.

Here is the Glasgow cover. This one was pretty straight forward. The front photo was one of many fantastic shots I received from David Thake. That guy knows how to get some great concert shots. I should mention David also took the photo on the Zaragoza cover. Label shot was by Any Harlander, someone else who has been invaluable with supplying photos. Back photo is of the Glasgow Science Centre by Craig Young.